Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Modmarket, Boulder

Had a proper English tea with a group of proper ladies recently at a little shop in Highlands where charm out weighed much else. One of those locally owned, renovated old Victorian businesses with class and panache that you just want to love, but lose patience with during an afternoon tea stretching into three hours, with scones and finger sandwiches coming in the last 20 minutes.

Lovely thing about a lovely long lunch is catching up; who’s done what where, to whom and how often. One told about her new(ish) live-in relationship, complete with built-in bonus family. 

I asked, “What does his older son do?”

“He’s not at home, he’s in his twenties and living in California,” she shared. “He works in movies. Not sure doing what, but…oh, and I don’t know who he is, really, but he’s good friends with some young actor. Hot right now. What is his name? Rya…?’


“Yes, Ryan Gosling. He’s even come out with him to Boulder, to visit and do a local theater thing.”

Forget The Notebook. Too easy. He had me at Lars and The Real Girl, took me over the top with Blue Valentine and the indie (what else) where he played a sociopathic killer who may have done in young wife Kirsten Dunst. And sure, the happy-vein-disappearing-into-trousers shirtless scene in Crazy. Stupid. Love. Being four degrees of separation removed sent a tingle into my dingle.

And it wasn’t much of a stretch to think I saw him a week later, lunching at Modmarket in Boulder. Not him though. Several casual cool saunters by confirmed it. Some of the cutest boys in puppetland are found in Boulder, ladies.  

And I found a gem in this little strip mall stop. Wine. WINE! By the glass and just $6 a pop, the Pinot Noir the perfect pizza companion.

Like Larkburger, this isn’t an assembly line feed joint but a sit and wait. The company’s web tag line is, “Fast food that’s good for you,” but not so speedy that I couldn’t peruse the current issue of my old college paper.

Ordered the Goat Pizza (goat cheese, tomato, arugula and red basil pesto) on a wafer-thin crust, my choice made easier with nutritional information posted in readable, doable font on the overhead ordering boards.

The tomatoes were whole, plump and fresh, split and cracked open from time spent in a real brick oven. The arugula, spicy and peppery, kept its fresh bite and crisp texture. Not one bit of skimp on the creamy goat cheese atop a thick spread of nutty and sweet red basil pesto.

The gluten free, vegan Cashew Butternut Squash Soup is on tap to try, as is the Hummus toasted sandwich stuffed with eadame (different, loving it) hummus, feta, cucumber, spring mix, tomato, red onion and dill dressing on ciabatta.

And the Superfood Salad, a spinach and chock-full-of-goodness kale blend, quinoa pilaf, blackberries, feta, carrot and almonds. Just the thought of chewing that makes my insides feel healthier, as if feeding cells and blood. The salads, much like at Mad Greens, are made before your eyes, spun and tossed together in large silver bowls. You can ask to mix your own too, choose ingredients as you go.

Eating like that, I could get Gosling abs. Or something just as tasty.

Doppelganger be damned.

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