Friday, July 15, 2011

Tea & Cakes, Boulder

Some things just go together. The ying and the yang, the ping and the pang. Boulder and patchouli stink. Love and marriage. Chocolate and bacon.

Though the last two are a bit antiquated now. Old hat. Jenny Pants and Marc Anthony are the latest celebrity couple to call it quits (her third divorce, his second…thanks, TMZ) and the geniuses at Denny’s recently touted a Maple Bacon Sundae (vanilla ice cream sprinkled with bacon and drenched in maple syrup) on their simple menu.

And even as thoughts of forever after and “ring me” dwindle (perhaps in my 80’s with a gray-haired gent who’ll hold my hand in the grocery and call me “Mother”), I admit I dream still of decadent sweet-and-salty desserts.

Especially chocolate and bacon. And especially when it tops the elusive Bacon Chocolate cupcake at Tea & Cakes on Boulder’s Pearl Street. Imagine my surprise one Africa-hot Saturday afternoon strolling and shopping the mall to find Tea & Cakes open for business in the late afternoon. I’d thought (from past experiences) the shop often closed early on weekends, usually because stock depletes fast.
But a boy pointing a comically large cardboard arrow that read “Cupcakes!” straight down 14th Street led me to the shop. 

And the last “Choco Baco,” cake a fluffy maple and shiny icing a seriously deep chocolate, like a swirl of milk and dark; crispy bacon crumbled over top.

Not that I would have been unhappy or droopy poodle with the White on White (white cake topped with vanilla icing), usually a Mon, Tue, Wed, Sun only menu item but there on a Sat. Or a Strawberry Milkshake (strawberry cake, topped with strawberry icing and a cookie.)

But I scored a “ChoBo.” Like it was destiny. Like it was mean to be. 

After, stopped into the gallery across the street where I tried on a cute but modern rose gold ring. Never a fan of any metal other than platinum or silver, but the clerk offered up a coppery hammered band that perfectly complimented my pink skin and long fingers. Meant for my right hand since I'd been thinking how lovely to look down and see a reminder. Of something. A bargain at 60% off the designer price tag, but impossible by nature to size and fitting only my left. Looking closer I saw a glint from tiny stones enveloping the band. 

Chocolate diamonds.

Going back to Boulder for a cupcake and, if still there, the ring. Right or left matters not.

Because some things just go together.

p.s…do yourself a solid and check out the Tea & Cakes web site and blog link to the article, “Wedding Bliss – Pairing Craft Beer and Wedding Cake.” Indy bake shops, this is how you do it.

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Paula said...

Not sure why, but the choco-bacon combo does not sound appealing to me; however, I want to try one someday anyway in the interest of erm scientific cupcake research.

Ring sounds lurvely. :)