Sunday, July 17, 2011

Larkburger, Boulder

Today I happened across a raccoon on the side of Highway 36. Nothing makes me sigh more than four fuzzy paws up. I don’t get it; in my decades of driving I’ve struck one bunny, one. Happened when I was 16, fresh and stupid behind the wheel and paying no mind to the road at twilight because Berlin’s “Sex (I’m a…)” was on the radio and my girlfriend Kelle and I were trying to moan like Terri Nunn.

Sorry to harsh your foodie buzz. Keep reading, it gets good.

Destination (again) Boulder, Pearl Street Mall and an open air art show, blocks and blocks and blocks long. After an afternoon of 100-degrees+ and closer-to-god sun braising my shoulders, I was too warm to dine al fresco as planned and headed back out of town. And into Larkburger. Considered The Truffle Burger (a standard 1/3 lb black angus burger with truffle aioli) but also wanted to dive into the infamous in local media Truffle & Parmesan Fries (hand-cut russet potatoes tossed with grated parmesan, Italian parsley and truffle oil) and didn't want to over-do. Plus I chose the optional wrapped in lettuce Larkburger (Tilamook cheddar extra) rather than a carbo-loaded, belly bloating bun.

A bit spendier than some "sit downs" at $9.98 plus tax and service was slow. I waited a good 15 minutes for my food, which may have led to the tepid fries. Didn’t keep me from eating all the way down to the bottom of the basket, mind you. Perfectly salty from the hard cheese sprinkle and better yet dusted with black pepper. Nowhere near as good as the pommes frites-style spuds served up a 1) Lohi SteakBar or 2) Argyll, but good. Just good. Hotter and crispier could have earned them a number three spot.

The burger actually cooked medium as ordered, pink and a little cool (god love 120 degrees and quality beef). The meat (and oddly enough the cheese) both saltier than expected; perhaps the tart zing is cut when eaten in a bun. Slathered in Larkburger sauce, hot and oily once combined with the meat juices, and tasting like a cross between creamy Caesar and tangy cream cheese.

Should I find myself back, curious to try a bite of the highly-touted 5280 Magazine darling the Tuna Burger (wasabi-ginger sauce and cilantro). Bet they cook it like tuna should be, slightly seared.

Another taste of Boulder, another happy mouth on me. Didn’t stop in for a Tea & Cakes cupcake; turns out the Cupcake Truck was in manfriend's hood this weekend and a Red Velvet awaits. Oh and that rose gold and chocolate diamond ring I was eyeing at the art gallery? Turns out it isn’t chocolate stones but champagne. And turns out manfriend would like me to have it too. He watches out for me.

I should pay more attention.


The Housewife said...

If you ever make it up to Fort Collins, you should def check out Choice City Grill.. yum..

Jodie Kash said...

Hey mindreader, the next post cooking IS about Ft Collins! I love the Fort ;) Jay's Bistro, Armstrong Hotel, Bas Blue, New Belgium...