Monday, July 11, 2011

Hideaway Steakhouse, Westminster

I want to get it. I want to embrace you with big meaty arms, Hideaway Steakhouse.

But I don't get it.

Dropped by this weekend for a “community celebration and open house.” Free ground sirloin and camembert sliders with spicy pickles! Complimentary build-your-own ice cream sundae bar on a Saturday!! $3 sangria and Stellas! A full rack of St. Louey Lou style pork ribs with two chef-selected sides – plus a draft beer – for just $19!!

It didn't work.

To be fair it seems the Hideaway marketed the event (via fliers and mail) to the surrounding community where the average age must be 65ish if a day. The interior is pretty and interesting (couple of regulars told us the owner doled out $3 million bones for renovation). Is the joint going for "Mad Men" swagger, fat steaks, stogies and martinis? (don't get me started on the Asian mannequin sitting at the piano…not a player piano). Instead the afternoon unfolded more like Cocoon with cocktails, talk radio's Peter Boyles on the mic broadcasting live, grey haired gents and dolled up older ladies, wrapping bright pink lips around Pall Malls and coughing like espresso machines.

And us a couple of misfits, why don’t we fit in?

The sliders, a swing and miss. With a BIG crowd maybe the kitchen couldn’t keep up but the meat was dry and overcooked, under seasoned and I had to physically stalk a waitress to get a bite. The cranberry based house-made sangria was tart and light but served in a way to skinny glass. Three big pulls from the straw and gone.

Some of the bar menu items looked interesting on paper, but we couldn’t snare a server to order and (truth) lost steam and enthusiasm quickly. We cancelled our 7:45 dinner reservation.

Perhaps we’ll try again, on a night with a full menu and more diverse crowd.

They begin dinner service at 4:30. Huh.


Pearl said...

OH, how I do love me some steaks.

And sushi.

Dammit. Your last two posts are makin' me hungry.


Jodie Kash said...

Pearl! My Pearl ;)