Thursday, April 7, 2011

CD's Wings, Westminster, CO

“It’s nice to have someone to eat chicken wings with.”

That's what he said.

It's good to spend a Saturday night at home in leggings and a tank (no underwires) and a much-too-big zip hoodie munching take-out chicken wings. Especially since, to quote the movie Clueless, “My party clothes are so binding.” So as much as I adore dress-up-and-sit-down sushi dates, lingering over a linen tablecloth and full bottle of red and prix fixe menus, sometimes a girl just wants to rip into some chicken, eat with her hands and lick every finger.

CD's Wings boosts a "Best of Westword" nod on it's web site and dozens of 5-star yelp reviews. I have a lovely memory from my wild(er) and single(r) days of enjoying a relaxing roll with one accommodating young man, and another taking me later that night for CD’s Wings. Damn, I was a rock star.

But I digress.

The CD “House Special” might very well be all wing sauces combined (and you can’t order just a few "…full orders only, no mixing dude," said the stoner behind the counter.) A sweet teriyaki vibe, dash of peppery Cajun and crispy, spicy BBQ crust that (oddly enough) really worked. On a return visit however, the “specials” were wet and chewy and so overly-seasoned I couldn’t stomach them. Tried rinsing a bit of the comically overwhelming and super-duper-Africa hot sauce off under the faucet (I know, right?) but the limp drumette underneath, so wrinkly and pinkish yellow in color, conjured images of eating a small babies foot. 

Like those two boys, CD's Wings was filed under, "casual fling, over quickly."

Since then I haven’t found the must-have-go-to spot, but Wingman (transplants from New York to Colorado who, in search of true “Buffalo" wings, opened shop and got themselves franchised) satiate the need. This little stop in a little strip mall in Northglenn used to house Woody's Wings, a local and much missed icon. Still the odd, creamy Wingman mild sauce is a winner - imagine red sauce mixed with sour cream, milky and opaque. It sticks beautifully in the extra-crispy-fried crevices.

Now I’m in the mood. For wings, cheeky monkeys. I have a half-dozen soaking up coconut milk and harissa in the 'fridge right now. Light the Hibachi soon.

Because sometimes a girl just gotta do for herself.


Lisa said...

John and I were crazy craving wings the other day. And I've been wanting to take him to Wingman! (it was a lot more fun calling it Woody's.) I've got to take him there soon.

Jodie Kash said...

Yeah you do!

Jodie Kash said...

(remember Amy's "Hooters" and "Woody's" comment, classic)...

AmyB said...

You know how I love me some wings! You'll definitely have a whole new experience when you get to STL!

Jodie Kash said...

Bring it, girl! I'm packing flowy, roomy sundresses.