Monday, April 25, 2011

Bennett's BBQ, Arvada

Sick dog-sick cat-sick dog-sick cat. Rinse and repeat.

Clocked up a lot of miles the past four days, going between house-and-dog sitting a large Ridgeback (with an equally large bladder) across town who peed out a quart of steroids every four hours, to my ‘hood and a feral cat with apocalyptic diarrhea (enough to put me off Hershey's Milk Chocolate s’mores for a while).

What a way to start a food blog.

Meaning take-out or ready made meals, comfort food after days spent wiping down and cleaning up. I had the itch for fried pickles and I heard Bennett’s BBQ had them. Southern Fried Dill Pickles, turns out, and in the shape of the superior chip instead of spear. It's hard to monkey up a fried picklegood batter, hot oil, crisp pickles. Found these a little oily; the could-have-been crunchier coating slid off many. The pickles fried up at Cinebarre (Eat. Drink. Watch Movies.) are better, crisp coating that chews like it's cornmeal based and thick chips. Far better, but far fewer to an order; the "Big Lebowskies" (the movie-themed moniker they're known by) run $8 for about that many. Okay maybe a dozen.

Bennett’s two-person and then some appetizer size order is served with “…tangy dippin’ sauce. Dilly-icious!” Not really, the sauce more reminiscent of Thousand Island dressing out of bottle, too sweet to offset the tangy bites. Opted instead for fresh ground pepper over top and a dunk into the side of ranch that came with the Hickory Smoked Chicken Wings, a price performer at $8.99 for 8 plump wings (more wingette than drumette though). Found the mild lip tingly spicy–I don't do hot since I don't care to sweat when I eat. Smoking wings is the way to git 'er done and these were exceptional–no heavy dredge of sauce coating the crispy edges and tender meat.

Intrigued by Bennett's take on chips and salsa, ordered the Chili Verde Dip & Chips (homemade pork green chili, topped with cheddar jack cheese, scallions and a dollop of sour cream) out of curiosity. Eh. Don’t know if the chips where house made but light and crispy and just the right amount of course salt.

I ate less than half my food. They serve ‘em big at Bennett’s.

A weekend foregoing my rule of chowing at chain restaurants. Sigh. But no worries, because in just days Eat it, Denver! heads south to Eat it, St Louis!

Imagine the stories I'll have to tell.

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